Curls and Eyes

I'd really rather do anything but study. Even cleaning the floor seems appealing. And I wax rhapsodic thinking about trimming trees, raking the yard, or watering flowers. So you can just imagine how badly I want to blog the few things that have been building up. But I just can't.
And besides that, we are all still sick around here. With these coughs we should just inhabit the couch as a three-headed blanket-covered cocoa-consuming monster, but we can't do that either.

So instead, some curls and eyes for you:


  1. I love baby curls!! I say hear, hear to putting off school work when you have a cold. I have to study GI disorders and write a paper- I hope your stuff is not more boring than that. I will try and summon a nice productive thought your way - if I can produce it.

  2. Thanks lady! GI disorders actually sound interesting to me, little miss candida troubles...


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