Unexpected Gifts

I really stressed myself out this weekend. So much that I thought today would be an endless mountain of reading and writing. The gift I gave myself was that of perspective, and I let myself miss an opportunity to enter a writing competition. It is not the end of the world. So instead of all the stress that could have been, I had some time to relax this afternoon. And all of a sudden all these other unexpected gifts arrived.

My Dad called and told me to expect pajamas for June in the mail. Thanks Dad!

Then, my friend Izetta dropped by bearing a gift of eggs from the chickens she and her husband raise. She also dropped off some vine-ripened tomatoes and peppers.

Then Adam came home with a new plant for me.
And then best of all, he dazzled me with a super yummy dinner of homemade chile rellenos. We rarely have time for a nice home-cooked meal. I totally encourage everyone to try out this recipe. Basically, you use egg roll wrappers and place all the relleno contents inside, then deep fry. They taste great.

The last gift of the day was from June. She went to sleep nice and easy at 7 pm. She is responding well to an earlier bed time.
I am very thankful.

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  1. I am glad you had such a great day. And that little jumper on June looks familiar!


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