Ten Months Old

I thought I would celebrate June's ten month birthday (it was on the eleventh) with a list of things about her current self. At the moment she is napping - oh how I love spending Saturdays with her.
  1. She crawls like a champ, except sometimes when she tries to go too fast and hits her face on the ground. Luckily for me, only Adam has witnessed this.
  2. She charms everyone everywhere we go with smiles and full body excitement (bouncing, leg shaking and arm waving) and then tucks her head into my shoulder shyly.
  3. She still sleeps with us, and my favorite part is in the morning when she works her way to an upright sitting position and smiles at us and starts clapping and talking. And I love being crawled on and kissed.
  4. Her word list is: mama, dada, uh oh, b-bye, nono, and at daycare they swear that she says nightnight.
  5. She waves bu-bye [funny spellings to connote her pronunciations as best as possible.]
  6. She LOVES the cat. For a while she was calling it tuh-tee, but now she sees it and says brrr (but not like cold, like the sound goes upward and rolls).
  7. She hates bibs and being dressed. Oh and getting saline squirted into her nose.
  8. She loves food of all kinds, and gets better and better at feeding herself. This morning she had buttery toast and cheez-its, and of course lots of breastmilk.
  9. She can pull herself up onto just about anything now, and I think that her way of sitting has developed from on her butt, to a kneeling position, and now she kneels on one leg and squats on the other - perhaps a preparation for standing?
  10. She likes to crawl under the table for her BMs.
Ten things for ten months. I snapped the picture above just yesterday, unfortunately the camera batteries were dead on her birthday. I have been going through batteries like crazy.

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