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Lately all the change brought about by motherhood has been catching up with me in a new way. All of my focus, for such a long time, was on the physical changes, and on the magic of pregnancy. Then of course all my energy went to juggling being a new mom, and fiercely protective of my child, with the rigors of school. It has been hard.
It took months (ten months today actually), and I am now only 8 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. It feels good, but not good enough.
So I have been doing things to try to get my "self" back. Like cutting my hair. Like reveling in fitting into some of my old clothes.
But here is the problem: motherhood changed everything. Not just my physique. And now, the old me that I've wanted to get back to ~ well she doesn't feel right.
So my "new" old haircut doesn't feel right.
My old clothes don't feel right - not only are they a little snug on my curvier body, they just aren't me anymore.
And I realized that I need to focus on the new me, who is a mom. And maybe it is all mental, but it means something to me.

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