The Completed Kitchen

These pictures show how the paint alternately looks yellow and green. Adam says it looks like the color of glow in the dark paint. I wish he hadn't ever said that, because now it is all I see too.

June is sick again. It is rough, and all she wants to do is snuggle, sleep, and nurse. While the snuggling is nice, I miss her bright playfulness and I can't wait until she is better. She definitely is suffering from thrush from her round of antibiotics after the ear infection. I don't think the fever from last night [102] is related. It makes me think that the ear infection came back. Any other moms out there fearful about antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

I have such a love-hate relationship with antibiotics because of the cyclic battle with Candida [thrush]. I have suffered enough from it in my own way, and now I just hate that it is troubling my baby girl.


  1. I don't know a heck of a lot about pediatrics - but can she take lactobacillus to help combat the thrush while on antibiotics? I do worry a lot about my kids getting antibiotic resistant infections. I hope her Dr. takes your concerns seriously. Poor girls.
    - Mary Ellen (i.e. friend of Rene's, blog creeper, RN and Mom of Four)

  2. Thanks Mary Ellen. I am giving June probiotics now, though I wish I had done it while she was on the antibiotics. Unfortunately we were traveling and now I am just kicking myself. My doctor is a fairly new practitioner, but she is old school in her ways. It is a bummer. I know that scientific method is important, but making decisions with known evidence sometimes just requires a judgment call, not the result of several believable studies. I just hope I make the right choices for my daughter's health.


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