The real quote from yesterday

So as usual, memory tweaked that quote I was thinking of. So I suppose that means the thought is uniquely mine. Here is the real quote though, from the book of Osho Zen Tarot, a card titled "Silence":

"There's nothing to do, nowhere to go, and the quality of your inner silence permeates everything you do. It might make some people uncomfortable, accustomed as they are to all the noise and activity of the world. Never mind; seek out those who can resonate with your silence, or enjoy your aloneness. Now is the time to come home to yourself. The understanding and insights that come to you in these moments will be manifested later on, in a more outgoing phase of your life."

I think this quote is lovely.

As for tarot in general, it is not so much that I believe in tarot or am a big believer. But I think that there is wisdom in folk traditions that can help bring meaning to our lives. So for these reasons I like them. And when you need answers, it helps to have things to think about.

By the way, the link above will lead you to an online reading! It ran a little slow for me however.

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