Are you out there?

Hmm.  Has anyone seen Amy?  She used to be here, but she's been gone for so long.

I could use the excuse that I've been over at my new blog, but it's not really true.

And now here I am after so long.  Well, I won't be making any promises this time... but I'll try to post a bit more often.

I am checking in today because of a new and awesome occurrence.  We have received J-Bug's first ever school picture and I want to share it with you.

And, just for fun, here's her mom's kindergarten photo too.  You know, I thought I was cute, but I've got nothing on my little daughter.  :)

Just in case anyone cares, she is actually nearly a year older in kindergarten then I was, so the comparison is not just right.  Still sweet though I think.

And now, I must excuse myself to tend the tantrum I hear downstairs about some very predictable things: television and candy.

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