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Here are some images of our life in March.  I did a somewhat better job of archiving this month, but still, I like compiling them all in one place.

March is still very wintry, but because the light is increasing so quickly all the time, we started taking some lovely evening walks.  I think we are all feeling more upbeat in general.

June is increasingly a big girl.  Hardly any toddler left in her.  She helps her brother put his coat on and similar things.  She is like a little mama.  She has started to branch out with her color preferences - now loving blue and green and not so much pink and purple.  She's even started wearing jeans a lot.

Miles is a love bug.  Always hugging on mom.  He is smart, puts things together easily.  Has a great vocabulary and talks a lot.  He's so damn cute too.  It's hard to think of what may have been different last month from this one.  Somewhere I have a list of all his funny words, like glubs (gloves).  I don't think I've posted it yet, but will soon.

The 4 of Us
Dinner at one of our favorite places.

Cozy bed
Playing together.

Milo Silhouette.

Snow cave entrance
Alaskan girl.  Going home to her igloo.


Miles.  He has almost ditched that green plug for good.  Almost.

June - Drawing Faces
June making faces while drawing.

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