A new blog

I started a new blog.  You can find it at http://amyhrobinson.com.

Now before anyone begins to panic about not seeing pics of our kids or hearing my updates on dinner we ate, etc., (Ha!)... I do not plan to stop blogging here.

I just needed a place for all the internal and dark things I sift through.  The internal churning.  And also, a showcase for what I create.  So rather than pollute this place, I created the new blog.  Besides, I have been feeling this tension of purpose for awhile now.  Might as well separate it out.

This blog will remain my "happy place."  My grateful to be alive place.

And sometimes both will intersect.

That's my thought for today anyways.

It's called The Lady Lark.  And the web address is my name.  How cool is that?

P.S.  Adam took the "dark" thing a little too literally, so hopefully a clarification will help.  Not dark like evil.  Dark like the inner shadow.  I hope that makes sense.

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