They got me with this one

Anybody have any idea how much it costs to ship a sofa from England to Alaska?  Um, want to pay for shipping?

What's that?  An ocean and a continent?  Hmm... not bloody likely.

I took the picture whilst holding a Living Etc. magazine at B & N yesterday evening.  And they totally had me pegged.  A sofa with hardly any arms, yet legs. A neutral color.  And wait... how the heck did they get June in the photo?

So not fair.


  1. June in the photo, yes... but rabbits, on the couch? If you did have a couch shipped all the way from England I hope you'd have a "no rabbits on the couch" rule. ;-)
    The legs are awesome.

    1. Yeah, I agree.. unless the bunny had amazingly clean feet.

      Amazing how it looks like June a few years ago eh? And I love the couch!


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