A cave is a nice place for a picnic

A cave is a nice place for a picnic.  Especially when it is made of snow.

Snow Cave main entrance


And you made it with your Dad over many afternoons of shoveling.

Time for lunch!

And it is in the front yard.

And Mom makes hot food to eat inside.
Like Spaghettio's.
And pizza.

Pizza in the snow cave

Now how is that for a lovely weekend afternoon?

P.S. It is evening time.  The kids are "jammied" (as Milo says), and they are shrieking and giggling and laughing in their room with their Dad.  I just might have given them too much leftover Halloween candy for dessert.  It is so great while it lasts... but I just know it will end in tears.  Or maybe not?

Anyway, all this crazy cacophony is my soundtrack for this post, and I like it.


  1. a snow cave is so completely surreal to us here in Australia - surreal and magical! x

    1. Thanks Jodi. I've lived here so long that sometimes I forget how unusual it is!


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