Things keep humming along

I am about to be able to do a big reveal and am super excited about it.  Other than that, things are fairly routine around here.

Milo in Alpha

Milo is getting over a 48 hour flu which was primarily just a high fever, and may have been related to getting shots.  He is unbelievably 2 and a half years old.  How did that happen?  I do not think I am in a very good kid documentation mood, which is too bad, because they are both such charming little creatures.

June in Alpha

June is turning more into a kid every day.  The toddler is disappearing.  This morning she said, "Dad's been laying on the couch like crazy!"  It was hilarious to me, but maybe you had to be there.  My favorite expression of hers is "What the heck in the world?!!"

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