With June in January ::

This past weekend, or maybe the one before (things blur together), I took these pictures in June's room.

View out the window.
IMG_2217 IMG_2218 IMG_2219 IMG_2225 IMG_2222

She just stuns me.  

I cannot believe she's going to kindergarten this fall.  And then again I can.  Where has my baby gone?


  1. Brrr. Look at all that snow!
    June is beautiful. I love the photo where shes off to the side, looking at you.

  2. Those pictures where she's staring up at the snow (I think) show a very amy-like sense of wonder. what a gift you have given her in that! <3 G

  3. Thanks friends. I miss you both. And you both made me feel good about myself, which sure is nice sometimes!


    PS June is so great.


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