Cabin Fever

A gorgeous capture Adam got with his phone.
Winter is waning, thank god.   We have had a lot of snow this year, in fact Adam has piled the snow from our deck so high that it is ABOVE our handrail, which is already a few feet about the ground.  There is no more pavement, just inches of ice.

Snow texture.

The view from our bedroom window on a snow day.

Downtown Anchorage - Town Square Park.
We've had subzero weather for almost two weeks now.  It is probably kinda obvious, but that makes you want to stay inside.  And not go out.  Even if it is sunny and beautiful, because it is just two damn cold.
Taken after a lovely family night at Bear Tooth Theater.  June's gas tank ice-art scrapings.
The house across the street.  Only now, these branches have an inch thick ice coating.  Imagine that!
Isn't it a lovely view though?  I want to thank them for their red door.
The kids are just as stir crazy as we are.  So we've been trying to make indoor play a little more fun.  We stretched out a few of the christmas gifts to introduce them later to perhaps more excitement than as part of the bunch.  Including a huge indoor house, ride-on truck, and silk play scarves for forts.  I am very, very thankful for netflix watch instantly as well - though cannot wait until summer comes and we are too happy to be outside to stay in.

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