Five (Long) Years


And so the day arrives that our Junie B turns five.  While sometimes I agree that the time has flown... in other ways, these have been some long, life-changing years.  June took Adam and I from carefree newlyweds to parents, in the blink of an eye.  And by "parents" I mean people who don't go out riding their Vespa to random parties and bars.  And people who actually plan meals.  And people who clean the floor all the time because that is where she spends all her time.  And people who can try to soothe a colicky baby through 2 hours a night of screaming.  Or soothe a mother through 2 hours a night of colicky baby screaming (Guiness, and Adam, thank you so much).

Waiting for the cupcake candles and birthday song.
What can I tell you about our girl at this point?

She's a mother hen to her brother.  But on the flip side, has figured out exactly how to get him to do her bidding.  She loves all things princess, but finally enjoys wearing jeans.  She is addicted to Mommy, but loves to snuggle on Daddy too.  She can be motivated by her vanity (which I will try not to abuse!)  When she is in a good mood, her laughter is contagious and delightful, and I never want it to end.  She loves being read to, but even more loves having me "tell her a story with my mouth."


She's gained ten pounds or so since her surgery earlier this year.  And she is now a fierce 43 inches tall.  She loves watching movies, painting, dancing, and her favorite song is "Hey Soul Sister."  She loves writing her letters.  She brings home a drawing for me nearly every day with both her name and my name on it.  And lately the drawings all say "toe" mom.  So cute.
Getting some help from brother.
She's a little bit shy, or at least bashful at first.  And she is very, very patient as I tend to her brother.  She is quite wonderful to him, truth be told, despite the occasional hit or shove.


 I love our Junie.  And I am happy that she was such a life-changer.


  1. You've raised an amazing little girl. Good job mom.

  2. Holy moly that first shot looks like the red carpet photos at the Academy Awards! She is stunning, truly, and has such a beautiful spirit. Happy 5th June!

  3. Wow! Happy Birthday Junie. Live-changing years though they have definitely been, I can't believe it's been that long since I came over to your house to hold Junie for a while while you took a shower. I teared up reading this and thinking how recently that feels to me, but that I have two of my own now, and it will fly by.
    What a lucky mama you are. I miss you!

  4. happy birthday sweet-pea. maybe someday we can watch you blow out those candles. we love you!!


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