June's Thoughts on Winter

If my only audience was me, this is what I would have to say to myself to get myself to watch a video:
Okay you gotta watch this.  Just do it already.  Commit.

So I'm telling you, whoever you are.  It's worth it.  Commit.

P.S.  We really did try to make a snowman on Sunday, but were unable to because the snow was so dang dry and fluffy it just fell apart.  I shouldn't complain though, since that made it far easier to shovel.


  1. She is so sweet and expressive! I love her animated face and hands! And . . . Noe had those EXACT same gloves and was very upset that we couldn't find them when the weather started to get cold!

  2. Ha! That's awesome. June seems to feel very cool when she wears those gloves. So stylin'. Can we see a video of Noe soon?

  3. Yeah, or even a freaking blog post? I haven't updated in so long I don't even know where to begin. Reading your posts is guilt and motivation in one - gotta record stuff, no matter how small right?!

  4. Oh! It's rough when a snowman doesn't come together. Poor June!

  5. Melissa... I cannot cast any stones that's for sure. I'm the queen of starting and stopping.

    Carrie: yeah, but she loves to be a drama queen, so the weird snow helps with that! ;)

  6. Love, love, love this. She looks so much like you, Amy! & I love listening to Adam draw her out on these winter blues. No carrots? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! You may have given birth to the female Calvin.... love!

  7. Ginna you are so great. I love this comment. She is totally like Calvin!


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