Here is the latest installment to my alphabet series.

It is cold and windy out this morning.  Yesterday the leaves were falling like rain.  With the rain actually.  This morning I cannot tell as it is too dark yet.  I keep imagining that soon enough there will be blanket upon blanket of snow outside.  I try to enjoy yet another day without having to wear snow boots, for that will come soon enough.  On the flip side, I try to get excited about a season of cross country skiing with my new skis.  I am hopeful I will be better at it this year.  Practice has to help right?

As I type, June is downstairs coloring and Miles is asleep.  I feel as though I am stealing a few minutes to myself, and I know this little slice of time will help me enjoy my day all the more.

As I tidied the kitchen a few moments ago, I came across the following teabag quote: "It is important to find your identity and your legacy."  It has inspired a lot of thought from me as I go about things this morning.  Like perhaps that youth is about finding identity, and age is about building a legacy.  Or that maybe identity and legacy are one and the same, at least sometimes.  For example my great-great-grandkids might look at my alphabet illustrations and that will be all they know of me, aside from perhaps these words.  Identity and legacy then merge.

Both kids are awake now and the sky is lightening.  I hope you enjoy your day.


  1. love this. so beautiful. you are such a talent. love the new blog change. looks good.

  2. Thanks Bina! It is an auto format, but I like how clean it is.


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