What I can't function without

Adam.  And help from him.

My handsome dudes.
My recent foray into painting has been helped along by both Adam and his parents.  They visited at Christmas and provided me with my first set of masonite boards, all pre-cut and ready for gesso.  This was really exciting to me.

However, I have always liked the look of paintings that stand out about an inch from the wall without a frame.  I have recently learned that this look, when it is applied to canvas paintings, is called "gallery wrap."  With the boards Adam is helping me achieve the look I crave by purchasing straight 1 by 2's and fashioning frames (if this is the right word) to the back of the boards so that the Masonite does not warp and so that the paintings stand out from the wall without a frame.  It gives them a really nice presence.  He is getting the system down really well too.


It is these kinds of things that seem so impossible to me that Adam helps me with all the time.  While the typical gender roles don't always hold true for us, they do when it comes to anything mechanical, heavy, or remotely involving construction.  Or reaching anything up high.

Thanks to Adam and Bruce for helping me express myself through art.  It means a lot.

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  1. am loving the paintings. maybe you should have your first show in portland. great picts of your hottie:)


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