I came home to a dark empty house.  For one whole hour, mine.

No lights on, totally silent.

I flicked lights on, walked around, changed from my work clothes, fed the cat.

I warmed up some food, sat on the couch in the lamp light.

It was silent.

Way too silent.

I watched a little Battlestar Galactica I got in the mail off of Netflix.  I drank half a beer.

And I rejoiced exactly one hour and fifteen minutes later, when this man came home, with these kids.

Sometimes, alone time is not all it is cracked up to be.

Miles and I nursed.  And then Adam got Miles to bed in 30 seconds flat.  And then June and I had our normal night, plus a little extra tucking in her new Cinderella barbie into her own bed.  And some, "Mom, Mom, when I say huummmm-hmma-hmm-hmm, that means, I need a drink of water."  Okay babe.  For the fiftieth time because you think it is fun.

I'm just glad you are home.


  1. I'm right there with you. I'm always wishing I could find a little time alone, but if I ever do, I hardly know what to do with myself! I end up surfing the internet until my eyes bug out.
    I love that photo of Adam and June. That curly hair is just amazing!

  2. its funny how used to the level of chaos we are--when it is finally quiet it feels completely wrong....glad you had that hour to yourself, but i bet the hour you spent with june&cindarella way way more entertaining....

  3. It's so true! I'm always so stoked when I have time to do something and then I find myself wandering around wondering when that little imp is going to come home!

    And Noe does exactly the same thing "Mama, when I wave my hands like this" (illustrates some random hand flapping motion) "it means give me a high five okay?"

    LOVE IT.

  4. Melissa that's AWESOME that the Bean does that too.

    Bina, you are right. The time with the family was waaay more entertaining.

    Thanks everyone for sharing.


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