Nested, Finally

Emery has asked me to post some home photos.  So here are a few of the front of the house.

I am limited to my iPhone for pictures until we get internet at the house, so this is it for now.

It sure feels good to have a home again.


  1. I love that deck! I can just picture you guys sitting out there in your cozy sweaters enjoying some sunny days.
    I won't stop bugging you until I get to see some inside shots too though ;)

  2. so nice to read & see you again, amy! we will have to get to that phone call one of these days. I miss you!

  3. I would love to talk to you too. I wish you lived down the street like in the good old days.

  4. lovely family. lovely home. maybe we take road trip and come drink beer with you. alaska is sounding pretty nice.....


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