He has a lot to say

We just don't know what it is.
Little mister Miles has been talking a lot lately. Squawking. He is also filling out quite a bit and is now a chunky little thing. I adore this. I hold him shirtless and notice the underlying shapes where his arms will become strong and masculine. It may sound silly, but I can see the echoes of the future in his baby form. He is very much a boy and not a girl. Even his little chubby hands are manly compared to how June's were. Mock me all you want but it is true.

Just in case you were wondering about setting him up with your baby girl, here are some things about him:
~ he likes taking long walks in the carrier
~ he likes holding hands, really he does
~ he loves to snuggle all day, preferably with a blanket
~ he is a fantastic listener
~ he will gaze into your eyes for long periods at a time
~ he's alright with eating simple meals, like the same thing every single meal even
~ he doesn't expect you to get dressed up or anything
~ he's easily entertained. He loves to stare at the t.v. already. Argh!
and, he's very handsome.

(I think he is a lot like his Dad.)

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  1. That little voice is so adorable. It made me sad that these little boys don't get to talk to eachother all the time.
    What did Junie say in the other video?


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