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Little Miles has made it to 4 months already. He continues to be a really mellow boy. He's even managed a few milestones. (Ahem. The play on words just kills me.) This month he has rolled from his belly to his back in both directions. Now, to be fair, he's rolled since he was a newborn. Especially if he was on a bed and there was a slight incline. But these rolls were different in that he wanted to get out of more tummy time, and they were exciting to see.

He still loves to hold hands and he still gazes out very thoughtfully into our eyes as we hold him. He becomes more and more alert each day too, and is beginning to take an interest in toys. But you would not believe how much this kid likes to watch t.v.
We're in for it.

He loves holding hands ever so much, I think it may be part of his desire for security. He still loves to be swaddled or at least firmly blanketed.

He sleeps like a dream.

Nursing is going reasonably well. No complaints there. After four days of Thanksgiving weekend I have no complaints. And so long as I steer clear of ice cream he has not had major gas pains in a while. I have tried to cut out most dairy altogether, thinking he may have a milk allergy.

He goes to his 4 month appointment tomorrow, so I'm excited to get the digits on his growth. A few weeks ago I took him to the doctor because of his screaming gas pain and he was 13 pounds, 8 ounces. I'm excited to see how much he's gained because he is clearly growing like crazy.

We gave him a taste of Thanksgiving yams and a taste of banana. He watches us eat and definitely seems interested. We're going to hold off on feeding him any solids a little longer though, particularly since he gets such painful gas.

We now iphotograph him constantly. Adam has gotten some real winner photos. I will try to post some soon.

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  1. So cute! That's awesome that he rolls over so much already. Noah just learned to roll onto his tummy last week! I've had to cut out most dairy too, for the same reason. Apparently it's one of the most common causes of gas. Luckily though, what I've heard is that it's the protien that their little tummies have trouble with, and it doesn't necessarily mean they'll have trouble later. It's not the lactose, since there's more of that in your breastmilk anyway. I'm so glad he's a good sleeper for you!


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