Sometimes, you get what you wish for ::

Some time ago I was wishing for a new camera. And Adam wrote this post about it, feeling for me, and asking the universe to step in. Well this time the universe responded in the form of Nana Becky.

Here is one of the first photos taken with my new baby.

Can you tell how much better quality this photo is??? Especially for an indoor shot.

I have barely figured out how to operate the thing and I know I have a lot to learn, but I can just tell that it is the right next step for my growth as a photographer. And hopefully over the next month I can get proficient at using it so that I can take some good newborn baby shots.

I can't believe I'm almost 36 weeks along. I'm ready to meet our real new baby. I wouldn't even mind if he came a week or two early.


  1. beautiful beautiful photograph. it has depth and meaning, and oh those eyes glowing out.

    what a great new toy. i hope you get some time to learn it and read the instructions before this new little creature comes into your arms.

    i hope you are well and enjoying the last moments before it all shifts into a different life.

    take care xxxx

  2. Amy,
    The camera is a gift to me also because it means I will stay closer to you and your family. I know you enjoy photography and it is fun to be part of your passion. And yes, I can tell the difference in quality. June's complexion and clear eyes are captured beautifully. Enjoy!

    xxoo Mom

  3. Hooray! You already took such beautiful photos with your old camera - I can't wait to see what you're able to do with this one! Congrats - I'm so happy for you!

  4. nice!! beautiful picture. you have always taken beautiful pix (but then again, who wouldn't with a subject like miss june!) anyhow... enjoy the new toy and i expect to see lots of pix!!!

  5. Thanks Natasha. It is the up close face shots that I had been missing - only magically at times could I catch those. Crossing fingers for more frequency.


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