Saying goodbye to a friend

Tonight I said goodbye to my good friend Izetta. She and her family are moving back to Alaska and they are starting the long drive up tomorrow. It feels like the end of an era. We've been neighbors for 3 years. Friends for 4. We met at Law Preview Day, just before we committed to law school. We are both from Alaska. When we met it was uncanny how many shared connections we had back home, how many similarities. I remember being fairly in awe of how articulate Izetta is, and how passionate she is about the things she cares about. I still admire these things very much. She is one of those people who really live according to their beliefs and who strive to make the world a better place. She's a doer, a catalyst. (She keeps a blog too, here.)

She has also been a very generous friend. She's been someone I can turn to to talk about anything. I'm also so very comfortable with her, just innately, that on the first time we hung out and Adam and I had dinner at her house (life before June!) I drank a few glasses of wine and we started talking about piercings and the next thing you know I'm showing her how my nipple used to be pierced. I woke up the next day thinking I must've been drunk, but realized that the reality was I was just so comfortable and happy with my new friend.

I hope that over the years I've offered something similar in the way of friendship to her. I will miss our mornings of coffee and talking. I know that we will always be able to pick right up wherever we left off, however many years go by between seeing each other in person.

I'll miss you Izetta! I will miss your laugh. I hope you have a great transition and homecoming in Alaska.

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  1. Amy,
    Your friendship with Izetta is precious. A friendship like this will last and you will find that when you meet again, it will appear if no time has elapsed. You have experienced together the gift of life and law school. The two of you are experiencing the next transition of life. Embrace change and stay in touch.


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