I did not take any pictures tonight. So this post is my mental picture, a note to stash away for someday when I wonder about what it felt like to be 33, pregnant, a mother of one, and still fairly newly married.

I made a dinner of baked chicken (lemon, rosemary, onion, olive oil, salt, pepper, and some whole garlic all tossed in Nigella style - it marinated for 2 days, yum!), baked potatoes, salad, and chopped up fresh pineapple. I started making baked potatoes with oil and salt on the outside and am hooked (see here for full description).

I had some loved ones happily eating at the table with me. I cannot convey how happy this makes me to see. I've been reading loads of cookbooks and trying new ideas. Taking advantage of Adam eating meat for me during this pregnancy, trying to find things that are crowd pleasers and toddler friendly.

The afternoon was hot but by the time we ate it had cooled off enough to actually enjoy eating. Lately I've been getting overly warm and it steals my appetite away.

We've been eating outside on our flagstone patio under the mesquite tree nearly every night, and tonight was no exception. I like this too, since I don't have to clean up the floor after June eats.
Adam hung twinkle lights in the tree not too long ago. They make me happy.

Tonight Shorty was a sweet dog seeming so happy to just have us around.

June alternated between my lap and Adam's. Eating up bite after bite of potato, chicken. She even ate two roasted garlic cloves. And then most of the pineapple.

And there were barely any dishes to wash afterward.

This is a true story!
And part of life that I want to remember.


  1. beautiful. this post needed no visual picture; i can imagine it all in my head. thank you for sharing this personal and so-well written diary entry.
    these are the moments in life that we should remember - and not have to jump up and take photos, and get everyone to pose, just to remember it.
    enjoy xxx

  2. So glad to read your posts again! You have a wonderful appreciation for the gifts that life presents. We're blessed to count you as friends :)

  3. Mmm, that sounds wonderful. I love eating outside this time of year. I love the way you can tell such a great story about what many people might see as just another evening. Your blog always inspires me to appreciate little things more.

  4. Your details are so clear I could almost smell the chicken & it made me hungry :) I've missed you posting daily. It's so nice to see recent pictures of Ms.June. She is a beautiful little gal. Lucky you!

  5. sounds beautiful. these are the moments you'll remember... no picture taking necessary because it just can't convey the feeling you had.

  6. Ah, catching up, finally.
    Lovely evening. I love those moments of such abundance.
    Congrats on the BOY!
    Will think of names. Elliott? Linus? And I do like Fox, too. I met an u/s tech who had a little boy named Fox....Sweetness.


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