Six Month Belly

So far so good with this second pregnancy. I feel much healthier than last time, and I can only attribute that to not having anemia. I thank my lucky stars that Adam offered to forgo his vegetarianism throughout my pregnancy so that I could eat more meat. If I ever catch up with blogging I'll post a number of my favorite meals of late. I've been somewhat of a cooking fiend.

As I write this, it is 80-ish degrees outside with a gentle breeze blowing. Our pomegranate tree has orange blossoms dappling it. The prickly pears are beginning to flower. Our house is tidier than it ever has been, and I keep saying that all the time, as we clear through the clutter and continue to make our house more and more presentable. You see, we put it on the market 4 days ago.

I asked Adam to take some pictures of my belly this afternoon. It seems like ages since I've photographed my pregnant self, and I wanted a memory of it.

The growing babe kicks like crazy lately. It is more painful than it was with June, and I've been having round ligament pains - also new. He kicks a lot when I am in a cramped seated position, prompting me to lean back and/or sit up straight. He seems pleased when I eat a nice meal, though it is hard to say how I know this. We've taken to calling him Fox, while he is in utero at least. If you've managed to read this far, and have any name suggestions, please do post with one. We'd love to hear it!


  1. Beautiful photograph.

    Names... hmm. We waited ages until we found the right name. I'll have a think and can send you all my favourites.

    Good luck with the house selling. We need to do ours next month. I am scared of the cleaning and decluttering that needs to be done. And have potential buyers look at our home in an objective way. Though we need to move - believe me; a tiny 2 bedroom home for 2 kids is not big enough!

    Take care. xx

  2. I love the family pictures! As far as names....I've always loved Jesse. My father's 1st & last name is Richard Ernest. I thought of naming another boy, (if I had been blessed with more than Billy & Sarah), his name Richard Ernest as the babies 1st & middle name to honor my Daddy.

  3. I really like this belly shot. I've been wanting to get some like that of mine. Maybe we could do a little trade/fun belly photo shoot sometime soon?
    I don't have any name suggestions. Naming is turning out to be the hardest part. I do like Fox though.

  4. beautiful belly!

  5. I vote for Fox too!

    So you are moving - where to? Headed out here to the PNW? Let me know!

  6. I like Fox. Maybe Elliott Fox Robinson. Maybe Rain Robinson. What about ... I'll keep thinking.
    Miss you! We will connect one day!


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