Right here

When June cries in the night, or simply cries plaintively for her mommy, I hold her close and say, "I'm here. Mommy's right here." I repeat it as I calm her, hugging her.

The other night in the bath she held me close, rubbed her forehead on mine, her cheek on mine and said, "I'm right here Mommy. I'm right here."

Oh my little sweetie pie.

Times are so nice lately I want to fix so many moments of the day into my memory forever. I suppose it is ironic then that I haven't posted in a while then, as I'm more likely to remember the things I post. But you know, maybe not. I don't know that we can control what we remember.

June and her Dad are bonding like mad lately. They went swimming together today. What I love is seeing her perched on his lap, them talking, her laughing a lot. It is becoming a common and heart-warming sight.

Happy New Year!

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  1. What a sweet story! I love the photo of June with the hat in her face.


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