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She is starting to bond big time with her Dad. I mentioned this before. And while she still prefers Mommy often, she told me just this morning, and the other night in bed, "I need my Daddy. Where is my Daddy? I need my Daddy too."

She has two very recent new questions. They are "What do you have?" and "Where did that come from?" As for what do you have, she asks this whenever we are eating something she is curious about. As for where did that come from, she asks it about EVERYTHING.

Her latest favorite book she got from her Grandpa Tom. It is called "Good Night Little Mouse" and she has many of the lines memorized, reciting them as we read aloud.

She loves her new green ballet slippers.

She talks a mile a minute. I think we can officially say she knows how to talk.

She loves doing little helper chores around the house. Especially feeding the cat and the dog. She also loves to take a wipe and clean the floor or the glass of the front doors.

She sleeps on her own for the bulk of the night now. Then she cries out for me and comes to snuggle until morning comes.

We had a beautiful 3-day weekend this past weekend. Yesterday we went to the Desert Museum and afterwards Adam called it a "stress eraser." I couldn't have put it better. The weather was in the high 70s, we felt warm and happy, the sky was blue. And we had the luck of seeing a beaver up close - it swam by the window we were observing from several times. I was scared the first time actually!

She likes climbing and exploring new places.

One last thing - June can actually jump now. For a long time she just tried, but now she gets the littlest bit of air when she does so.


  1. beautiful beautiful memories and stories and words and pictures. Thank you for sharing with me - everything is so honest and true and just so. You have a lovely writing style.
    And I love the ballet slipper photograph - the shadows.
    I do wish our girls could meet, I can see so many same-same things in them.

    E xx

  2. The picture of June seated on the bottom shelf in your pantry brought back memories. I also was a climber at her age!

    In the basement, of our old Victorian home we had a refrigerator. I would jump up & grab the handle & as it pulled open I could could see all the great treats mom hid away down there. I stood up on the bottom section & opened the small freezer compartment. Inside there, my mom kept a variety of Good Humor ice creams on the stick. Oneday the bottom broke away as I was standing on it & it cut my foot.

    Your blog often takes me down my own memory lane. Decades from now your beautiful blog will be a real blessing to June & her little one! :)

  3. I love the photo of June sitting on the shelf. You do such a good job of capturing little day to day moments and making them look so precious.

  4. I am way behind on these!

    I'm still amazed at the parallels between Junie and the Bean. I can't wait to get them together!


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