Sad News

Adam's grandfather died on Monday. He was 103 years old. We had just been up to visit him over Thanksgiving weekend and are very glad we had the opportunity. Here are some pictures of our visit.

The first is a picture of Adam, June, Grandpa Ken, and Adam's aunt Pat.

We took turns testing our blood pressure in Grandpa's room. Here is June's turn and a photo of her great-grandpa smiling while watching.

We will miss him very much.

And just to lighten things up, here is a sweet picture I took of June on Saturday. We went to the Phoenix Children's Museum with Rene and John. I hope to post more about that later - it was awesome.


  1. so sorry to you and your family. What a great long life!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. Please know that our thoughts are with you and Adam's family.

    We'll have guests this weekend, but outside of that, if you need a place to stay in Phoenix in the coming weeks, you're more than welcome here.

    It was such a pleasure visiting with you this past weekend. You're right, the photo of June at the Children's Museum is awesome.

    Take good care. Your friends,

    John and Rene

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry for your family's loss. He must have lived such a full life!

    P.S. I'm loving the June flashback photos. It's amazing how fast they change! It seems like only yesterday that I had a chubby new walker, too.

  4. so sorry for your loss. so glad that you guys had a chance to spend time with him during thanksgiving.

    love that last pic of june... the colors in that tunnel is amazing!

  5. what a long lovely life- I am so glad you got to go visit and have photos for her xo
    I hope yr all doing well :)

  6. Thanks everybody. Adam and June went to the memorial service on Friday. He was well loved, and certainly lived a long, full life.


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