Name Idea

This is something I came up with last month and I've been meaning to share here for awhile. It kind of speaks for itself. I like the idea of butterflies becoming a symbol for June.

What do you think? (Aside from the blur on the second one...)


  1. I love it! It's much more feminine and kinder than the symbol I came up with for the Bean, which is essentially the "no smoking" sign but remove the cigarette and insert a capitol E (can you figure it out?). We actually put that symbol on her 1st birthday cake and it just wasn't that pretty . . .

    The butterfly is awesome!

  2. great idea! the butterfly looks great for june(or junie)'s name!

  3. totally adorable.

    wishing my name had a butterfly in it.

  4. Love it!
    The top one for me...Xxx


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