June Days :: 27

Our little one has been an eating machine lately. I honestly think she is eating as much as me.

Coconut milk mustache:

This month of photos has been fun, but I find it nearly impossible to just be silent and post a photo. Here it is winding up and while I've enjoyed it, I'm happy to get back to my regular style. Thanks everyone for looking.


  1. Well done for this wonderful blog.

  2. It's been fun seeing all the pictures, too.

    I sense a growth spurt coming...

  3. I've really enjoyed all the great photos this month of June. I love the mustache!

  4. I've been really enjoying June days too. I'm exciting to get to read more of your thoughts and writing though. I really enjoy your writing style.

  5. Thanks Emery. I sure enjoy yours as well. And I'm having such fun reading about your travels in Honduras.

  6. Thanks Dawn. Someday in the future I now know how to get a great milk mustache. Just use coconut milk. :)


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