June Days :: 11

First introduction to piano, via my dear friend Rene.

This is June's 18 month old birthday. I can't believe it.

This month is the month of imagination. Of patting dollies to sleep with blankets on their backs. Of flushing the toilet. Of wiping her nose and saying "booger." Of wiping our noses. Of falling hard in love with play, especially when that means running around a playground with other kids. Of trying on hats or headbands or really just any type of clothes and saying, "Pretty. Mirror." Always in a singsong voice. And then demanding instant access to the mirror. Of not wanting to be carried much anymore. Of maintaining the sense of humor we all know and love with new games all the time and new ways to make us laugh. Of, can it be, a little shift away from being such a mama's girl? Daddy is getting lots of attention lately.

Little June, we love you.


  1. That top photo is priceless! Go June go! We need to get her together with the Bean who likes to play drums (mama's girl!).

    Its so bittersweet when they don't need you so much isn't it? So hard not to feel rejected and yet such a relief to have a few more moments to oneself.

    Time to start a "dress up" closet!

  2. always a great idea to introduce music early. we started ashley when she was 18 months... she loves her piano!

    the lights on the piano is great!

  3. love the piano with twinkle lights- she is so freaking awesome!

  4. A prodigy.

    If she doesn't need you as much, you're doing it right!

    Have a cocktail!

  5. I love the way the christmas lights look in this photo. Her serious expression makes it look like she's a star playing for an audience.
    I'm looking forward to seeing some June days photos in Alaska!

  6. "Falling hard in love with play" - good times!

    Cute picture!

    I'm Kellan, btw - nice to meet you. See you soon.


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