Wrapping things up

My Mom departed this morning for home. My Dad and his wife Vikki left a few days ago, and my brother's visit was a whirlwind. Adam's folks are still visiting. I find it hard to make time to do my little updates here due to all the company. I am also going to turn in my LAST assignment for school TODAY.

In light of the little time but a lot of life we've been living, I've got a graduation collage to share. I'll probably include another one in the next day or two of June and family, and some details about her ever changing self. (You can read the text if you click on the image to enlarge.)

As for me, I'm feeling a bit of the letdown that comes when the ever-present stress disappears and all I am left with is "what now?" I've talked to a number of other people who feel the same way. I think it is a part of that need to have some purpose to one's existence. And a feeling of contribution, accomplishment, growth. I am looking forward to relaxation, but I'm not really sure I know how to just BE. And especially to just be without picking myself apart. That's what a lot of free time leads to I think - taking myself too seriously.


  1. looked like lots of fun with family around!

    hope june got over her fever quick.

    now with all the extra time... time to truly enjoy june without all the school stress. of course, until work stress comes along!

    congrats again!

  2. Hello, Husband here.
    I'm no doctor, but I want to set something straight:
    Stress is an elevated excitement level. It carries its own rushes and importance. The body adapts to living at such elevated levels of endorphine production. Stress can become so ingrained with one's being that when it leaves, a hole is created, often resulting in sickness and addiction stepping in to try and replace the rush one had from stress.
    I am reminded of stories from World War Two veterans who said, once Hitler was dead and the war was over, that their peers routinely became ill and even died from not living with the stress of combat. Their body would attack itself and encourage something to come and pick a fight.
    On a more reasonable note, and hence the comment, I think you have earned a break. I do not agree in the slightest that you are living without meaning, even momentarily. Its like you are a prizefighter waiting for the next round to start.
    Now can you get on with Bar studies, planning a vacation, taking care of the bug, feed the dog, do the dishes, sort my laundry...? hehe.

    I love that your husband actually calls himself "Husband"...Xxx

  4. That stress thing, Husband?

    So true.

    My dad had been really sick for a long time--he died, and my mom inexplicably died the next week!

    I THOUGHT she might relax, you know, from the stress of worrying about him?

    Not so.

    Wait.....Amy will be fine!!!!


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