Tell me honestly

Can I pull off this hat?

I feel like someone out of a Monty Python's skit. You should see the regalia. I look like some kind of pointy arachnid.

This must be punishment so that we graduates cannot take our selves seriously.

I don't think I'll be able to wear a serious face all day.


  1. Most people couldn't make that look good, but you do!

    Are you a REAL lawyer?

    (If I need you, can you practice in Missouri????)

  2. Congrats grad!! Wow, and you're on your way to Alaska--can't wait to "watch" your adventures unfold.

  3. Wait - how come you lawyers get to wear a pentagon shaped hat? Not really fair to the other kids with their lame square ones.

  4. Oh I really want to see the rest of the regalia. You look hot in that hat! I think you should really make it part of your everyday wardrobe...
    That way you'd never have to be too serious :)

  5. LOVE the hat! especially since you 'earned' it. that or ... you paid alot in tuition for it.



    are you going to be an esq. soon?

  6. totally pulling it off! Congrats!

  7. Congrats! I remember sitting at my graduation with my square hat and being a little jealous of the really cool people with THOSE kind of hats ;) It's quite an accomplishment.

  8. Congrats! I think you look very distinguished. As long as there's no message written in masking tape on the top....
    Good luck with your Alaskan adventure!

  9. Congratulations!
    You look great in the hat - I'm sure by now it's been thrown away in excitement and joy... and anticipation of the next steps in your journey (your holiday and the fact that you are now a graduate).
    Well done on all the hard work, and keeping up this blog, and being a Mama to such a sweet little creature.
    Take care on your holiday. Keep well, Ellie

  10. I just popped over from Dawn's blog. I have to say that hat is so fetching that I can't wait to earn mine. Congratulations.

  11. you looked amazing in your purple velvet! congratulations! when are you off to alaska, my dear?

  12. Thanks everybody!

    Gina, I wish I had been able to talk to you more. Alas, June's fever had me in 100% mom-mode.


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