Four Things Meme

I have been tagged by Celandine of Buttercup Corner to participate in a meme designed to get to know more about each other. I'm trying to contain my excitement, as this is my first time being tagged. I also just really like getting to know other mothering bloggers so this is right up my alley.

[Hmm, besides, who doesn't like to talk about themselves?]

Name four jobs I have had ~

1. Case Worker for youth runaway hostel

2. Landscape & Nursery Worker

3. Photographer's Apprentice in commercial studio

4. Actress (in a low-budget, (but not porn!) movie that perhaps someday I will divulge the title of.)

Four Movies watched over and over again ~

1. The Princess Bride

2. Amelie
3. Miss Congeniality
4. Hope Floats (I'm a sucker for Sandra Bullock movies)

Four places I’ve lived ~

1. Anchorage, Alaska

2. Bellingham, Washington

3. Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico
4. Tucson, Arizona

Four Shows I watch ~


2. How I Met Your Mother

Battlestar Galactica
Oprah and/or Rachael Ray

Four places I have been ~

1. Chicken, Alaska (as part of our road-trip honeymoon)

2. Beijing, China (high school trip)

3. Guatemala (my favorite travel destination ever, as part of this adventure)

4. St. John

Four people who email me ~

1. My husband
My Mom
3. Classmates
4. Blog friends

Favorite things to eat ~

1. Brownies, preferably with nuts and no frosting
2. Burritos from the B-Line
3. Healthy homemade meals made by loving moms (especially by my mom of course, and with no help from me!)
4. I love the little Cutie oranges, aka Satsumas, aka mandarins

Four places I would rather be ~

1. In my own space, but I wouldn't mind if it were larger, more organized, and full of friends and family
2. I love going to bookstores, they make me feel good.
3. The Coastal Trail in Anchorage is a great place to be too, and always I think of this poem.

Four things I look forward to this year ~

1. Graduation
2. A new job
3. A new house
4. My plain old daily life with my family.

So now I get to do some tagging, and I choose Melissa from The Wild Nursling and Melissa from An Unexpectant Mother. But please don't feel obligated ladies if you aren't up to it.


  1. It was fun learning more about you. It sounds like you have some exciting things coming up this next year. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hey my first time being tagged! I'm on it! I'll link back over here when it's up!

    Thanks Amy! :-)

    Can I use! any more! exclamation points!

  3. Interesting! (Hootchie Scooter, I'm an exclamation-o-holic, too!)

    Must have movie title, and now, little missy!

    I have a thing about my "brush with greatness" moments. Like if I meet someone and they've written a book, I must read it. I've never met anyone that's been in a movie, I dont' think....

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Christy I'll PM you with it.


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