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If all goes as planned, tomorrow will be my last day of pumping. I describe it this way because tomorrow is also June's last day at day care for a month, so who knows what will happen when we are together every day. I don't know if I will try to stop her from daytime nursing. I am tempted to start giving her cow's milk in bottles. Luckily, June is not one of those babies who won't take milk from a bottle - at least during the day. Nighttime is another story, especially right before bed.

I feel a little melancholy about the whole concept of weaning. I am ready to have some freedom back, yet I don't want to let go of my "baby." Sometimes I am really glad that children grow so gradually. It gives us time to keep up with them and their progress. Otherwise how would our minds comprehend the reality of them and their little personalities? The other nice thing about the gradual learning of new skills is that every day we have something new to exclaim over and be excited about. I hope that my joy of discovering June continues as she grows up. I think it will. Though I know that sometimes I give people static personalities in my mind, I at least know that it is untrue. We all grow and change, all the time. I think this knowledge helps Adam and I get along so well.

When Adam and I first met a friend of ours said that we were "cut from the same cloth." I love that expression. And it contributes to my love of homemade things oddly enough in a way I can't explain. But mostly I think it was very accurate. [Thanks Chrisso.]


  1. It's hard--unless you have amnesia every morning--not to start to get an idea of June's personality. It can be good! Now, the girls and I laugh about "how they were", which means we had a set concept of "how they were". It is comforting. Like a familiar Christmas tradition.

    You and Adam cut from the same cloth! That's so sweet!

    Yeah, now I picture you cutting out an "Amy" pattern and an "Adam" pattern on some fabric. That might be a good craft idea, actually.....

  2. Ooh I agree! That is a good idea.

  3. Weaning is bittersweet. I got Teagan fully off the boob at 15 months. She was just down to pre-bedtime nursing by then. Have you tried giving June milk in a sippy cup during the day? She might like that. Now that she's one, it's time for the next one! heh heh heh!
    Take care!!

  4. So, it is the 14th.....pumping? Or no.

    I can imagine (from personal experience) how hard it will be to turn June down with her home for a month.

    I know me--I just would wait till next semester starts! But I wasn't a good "boundaries" parent. And I didn't mind having milky breasts for 2 years. (I'm goofy that way..)

    But it does have to end someday. And that day will be maybe now's as good a time as any?

    Good luck!

  5. Amy, I right there with you. I'm going to turn in my hospital rental pump after next week, but I will still nurse when we are together. Of course, I still have my Pump In Style Advanced (PISA) if I change my mind, but I am actually going to miss my Lactina. Since I'm 40 (and NOT 41, regardless of what the Arizona Daily Star says), this is probably my only child, and I'm sad to think of how fast this time has gone.

    You've done a great job, Amy. Congratulations to you, no matter what you decide.


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