Fun for Moms too

June and I had our second play date over the weekend with Melissa and her son Marshall. Both the kids had runny noses, which almost made us call it off. But the ability to just sit and visit and talk "mom" was too valuable to deny. Besides, we had a delicious breakfast too. It's funny, Melissa has said that I am like family now, and I feel the same way. Who else but family do you want to just lay around in pajamas and have a slow weekend morning talking with, yet never needing to get off the couch? Well, family, and really great friends. That is what I say.

The kids hardly took notice of each other, though they still zeroed in on what the other was playing with. Marshall was incredibly sweet about sharing his toys, including his stationary command unit, aka ExerSaucer. It made me realize how few toys we have for June at home. She is almost deprived. (Perhaps this is why she likes day care so well? For the toys?)

Also over the long weekend Melissa, Marshall, and some of their friends went to the Tucson Zoo. The pictures are wonderful and I hope I can bring June there soon. (Perhaps on another play date, Melissa?)

I am starting to get really excited about June's First Birthday Party. Please post any tips for things to do. I read in this book that the first party isn't about the baby anyway - but is rather where everyone comes out to see if you are still fat! I can't wait to have a picture of June with cake all over her face.

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