Eleven Months Old

The darling one is eleven months old today. She has been having lots of fun lately and I will be posting pictures to show it.
  • She loves her Dad.
  • She hates the car seat.
  • She now has six teeth, and I think she is working on some molars now.
  • The thrush has cleared up.
  • She dances to music.
  • She plays shy when she meets people and tucks her head into your shoulder.
  • She hates having her nose wiped.
  • She is pushing the boundaries and testing our limits. For example, she always wants in the recycling and the stereo cabinet.
  • She can say "more" in sign language.
  • She loves to bounce her body to music.
  • When she is excited or happy she scrunches up her face and exhales a bunch of short little bursts out of her nose. It is like a little laugh about something, and very very cute.
Will walking be on the list for next month? We shall see.
Now we've got a fun Sunday to get to, so see ya!

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