Home with a Sick Baby

June is asleep, thankfully. But the little sweetie has her first ever sickness requiring medication - an ear infection. Honestly I didn't think that was it because she has had the green snot problem for a month and a half. We just kept doing the saline wash as the doctor recommended, but it was bothering me that her nose didn't clear up. We'll see if antibiotics help that part of it at all. I'm excited to have my big appetite, fever-less, carefree baby back.

Oh God she laughed so hard at the cat last night that both Adam and I cracked up too. It was like a mini baby cackle. In honor of that special relationship, here is a peek at her with our cat Bean. The expression on her face is not trepidation. It is, "I'll show you who's boss cat." Or in Junie speak, "na uh-na NAH. Nah NAH."

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