Good Medicine, Part Two

So sunshine heals many ills. What also helps is having some support come out of the blue (thanks Tracy).

What also helps is having a dad who tells you, "You don't have to explain yourself." And also that, "You're really lovable even when you're cranky." THANKS DAD!

And perspective helps too. Simply being away and taking a long look.

I really believe that when you ask the universe for something, it answers. This general sentiment is derived from The Alchemist, which I have read repeatedly. But it wasn't the Alchemist that helped me this time. It was the book Adam was reading that got me. A gentle reminder of what is really important in life. Apparently it was made into a movie too, though I didn't see it, "The Ultimate Gift." I'd recommend it wholeheartedly. While not the greatest book ever, it had me misting up at times, and overall, it helped me dig myself out of the doldrums. Maybe finding this can help you out?

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