Last night, for the first time, June stood up in her playpen. Not that her standing is a new thing, I just hadn't ever seen her do it in the playpen, mostly because we rarely use it. Despite all that, it was impressive. It made me realize that she has no problem standing anymore, and that standing without support will probably happen soon. [The hard part is with each gain on her part is another level of child-proofing that must be done ASAP. Maybe it will help me develop a recognizable form of organization!]

Life with June is full of firsts, and I only wish I had begun this blog sooner so that I could have captured them all more completely.

Over this past weekend we had another first: a play date. Let me just say, it IS all about the mothers at this point, and it is a great thing. New motherhood can be so very isolating. We mothers need to unite just for sanity. [Insert fantasy here about conflict-free communal home life where we got all the help we ever wanted and were never criticized.... AHhhh. Lovely.] Anyway, June's play date with Marshall, or rather mine with Melissa, was *fantastic.* Thanks Melissa. Let's have another play date soon.


  1. Amy, I think I was more excited than anyone else about the play date with you and June, including Marshall. My husband, too. Just this morning, I was saying that I wanted to plan a mommy and baby get-together at our house for you, June and a couple of other new mommy and baby friends. He wholeheartedly encouraged me to do it because "it revitalizes you. I haven't heard you complain about work once all week." :-) He's right. I feel so much more centered since connecting with other moms and especially you, like I'm discovering that other people live on this new strange planet of Motherhood with me. It's such a relief, and so wonderful to get to know you and June.

  2. Ah yes - we've been doing the emergency babyproofing too. Each new development = more things to get into. It's hard (impossible?) to stay ahead of the curve these days.


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